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Simon Lippett, Managing Director, Bristol Bifold: “Do you know what, I’ve always avoided spending lots of money on websites, but then I worked out how much money we’d wasted on ineffective marketing and just went with Blazen. It’s worth it.”

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Henneke Duistermaat - Homepage Redesign


Enchanting Marketing

“The conversion rate on my home page has been up by 30.4% since introducing the new design.”Henneke, Founder & Owner
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Priscilla Bayliss

Cotswold Kitchens

“It’s wonderful and looks fantastic on mobile too. It’s completely different from our competitors which is an additional bonus.”Priscilla Bayliss, Co-owner
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Simon Lippett - Bristol Bifold - Web Design, SEO, Adwords, Email Marketing

Simon Lippett

Bristol Bifold

“We’ve seen a 425% increase in quote requests from the website which has been remarkable…”Simon Lippett, Managing Director
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